No borders in V4 youth exchanges

Welcome in the "Idea bank" - the internet platform that gathers ideas and finance to help children, youth and handicapped people from V4 countries. The objective is to support charity, social, environmental, human and cultural projects. The proposals for the projects to be financially supported will be submitted by non government organizations from V4 countries. The donors will be motivated to contribute also via small reward that each of them will get in return. The portal is also fostering networking withing V4 and is planned to be maintained also after the official end of the project.

Our project is bridge to other projects. Our project has not small target group (20-30 people), but in its full operation can help thousands of people. We do believe that this project will help many people to achieves their goals and dreams.

The project is funded by International Visegrad Fund as IVF Standard Grant. Project was approved on the December 09, 2015 by the Council of Ambassadors for support in amount of 10 000 EUR. Duration of the project is from January 2016 till December 2016.

Slovak partner


City: Bratislava
Country: SK

Czech partner

European Youth Centre

City: Břeclav
Country: CZ

Polish partner

Semper Avanti

City: Wrocław
Country: PL

Magyar partner

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vas County
City: Szombathely
Country: HU